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Sarah’s Blog July 2017

Hey everyone! After we left La Paz we headed to a bunch more anchorages up the west side of the Sea of Cortez.First we went to Los Candeleros and did a bit of snorkeling. Then we mosied on up to Bahia Chenque. There we found Waponi Woo and Ryan swam to us and gave us a freezer foot because ours broke. After that we swooped in to Loreto and we got ice cream and we tried those styrofoam chips that look like wheels. My dad got a part for the boat but I can’t remember what it was. There was a restaurant that we went to and we took a picture in front of the colorful Loreto sign. I was sneezing the whole time we were there so I think I’m allergic to Loreto. Shortly after that we set off for Caleta San Juanico and that was a fun place. We swam all the way to shore and there was a shrine tree and we put our plaque in the tree as well.Later we traveled to Bahia Conception and all we did there was catch some zzzzzs. We left the next day and made our way to Santa Rosalia which is actually a marina. The docks were really slim and the wifi was good and there was a pool and a nearby park. We stayed at Santa Rosalia for nine days and it was fun.
Once we left we went to another anchorage called Bahia De Los Angeles and got gas. We snorkeled at Puerto Refugio and that was fun.Then we left again to Bahia Wilard and just spent the night zzzz then left to go to Bahia San Felipe and that is a marina. That’s where we are right now and we haven’t done anything yet but its not a very good marina because it has bird poop everywhere and smells really bad.That’s all we’ve done so far so untill next time,
Habi Hoba
Sarah G Dayton

October 8, 2016
     Hey guys we are still in Eureka and I don’t think I ever want to leave this place! We went to Jake Mcmaster’s house and we went to Target. We also got scooters! The past three weeks have been great!

     Jake let my brother Jake and I come to his house to help him with his roof. We worked hard and it was fun to pick up shingles. It was a really hot day so we got freezees and Jake took us to dinner! When we came back he gave us one hundred dollars each!  Jake and I got scooters and mine is pink. On my first couple of days were full of crashes! We got them at Target.picture


picture-1We also got a carpet for under the table and a welcome mat so we could clean our shoes.That’s all for now.

                                                                         ⚓Habi Hoba⚓
                                                                                      Sarah G Dayton

Sarah’s Writings

September 5, 2016

Hello everyone, I have a lot to talk about! After we left Westport, we headed to Garibaldi, Oregon. In Garibaldi we got fuel, Jake and I had some fun at the beach, and we did our laundry. When Jake and I went to the beach at low tide so it was muddy. We stuck our feet in and got super dirty. We also saw a crawdad and jake was stuck in the mud so we couldn’t run away so… …he threw it at me!. We spent four days in Garibaldi then left to go to Bandon, Oregon. It was fun sailing and we saw a ton of whales. We left right away in the morning and spent all day getting to Brookings, Oregon. The trip here to Brookings was rough and we broke our toilet. Here we pumped out our holding tank and we’re fixing the toilet, but everything else is doing fine an’ dandy! Well, I hope you enjoyed because that’s all for now folks.

Habi Hoba⚓ Sarah G Dayton

Sarah’s Writings

August 17, 2016

anacortes icecreamHello, we have travled a long ways. We started in Olympia when my mom retired, we also had a party there. We played in the grass and ate food and drinks. After that we headed to Tacoma. There we had a big party where we played in the water, ate food and drinks, and had a bon fire! About two weeks later we headed over to Port Orchard. We met a few people there and we got fuel. Jake and I went for a row in our new old dinghy. On our way to Port Orchard we found a dinghy that was just floating out there so we got it and my mom likes it because it’s plastic, she calls it a tuperware boat. On the second day of our adventure we got fuel and went over to Bremerton because I got a coldstone icecream gift card for my birthday so we used it there. On the same day we started going to Kingston. In Kingston we got new batteries and closet rods for the shelves and my bed too. Jake and I went for a row in our new old dinghy. We spent the night and on day four we set out for La Conner. It took three tries to dock the boat becuase of the current and it took all day to get there ( we got there at night ). Early in the morning we left to go to Anacortes on Fidalgo island. My dad has a realy close friend and her name is Theresa. They are almost like brother and sister! Theresa has a son and his name is Patrick. So if Theresa is my aunt then Patrick is my cousin and his daughter Jordaya is my second cousin. Patrick has a wife named Cara and she has a son named Mason and he is my um second step cousin, I think. Anyway, Jake and I went to their house in Oak Harbor and spent the night there. We went to the pool, played games, and they even had a swing set too. We also played in their sprinkler. Cara is the best cook in the world, I love her food. There were two kids that they babysat and two girls that Jordaya knew from school. We had a lot of fun there. The next day, on the seventh day we headed over to Port Townsend and there were a bunch of pirate flags flying becuase it was pirate day. We went to another marina and we met a guy named Joe. Then we spent a night there. On the eighth day of our adventure we left to go to Port Angeles. The waves were huge and scary but I didn’t throw up. We got there and spent two nights. So on the tenth day we were going to Neah Bay but the transmision BROKE! So we had to call the coast gaurd on the radio to come tow us to Port Angeles and thats where we are right now. I hope we fix the problem so we can get to Neah Bay. We had a plan to go to Neah Bay and get fuel then start our two week journey to San Diego, except we already started in Olympia, we are just continuing from Neah Bay! Well, I hope you enjoyed. That’s all for now folks.

⚓HabiHoba⚓ Sarah G Dayton

June 10, 2016

Hello, it’s me again. Well it’s always me but anyway, I have done a lot since my last blog like how we went camping and Jake and I got early birthday presents and we are getting soooooo close to the end of school. In fact all I have to do is finish three chapters in my math book, read one book and do two projects and two songs on the recorder, a writing essay, four Español (Spanish) chapters, two history lessons and ONE BIG TEST!!!!!!!!!! The test is for history. I’m exited for the test because I like tests. We went camping in Shawn and Jessie’s well, house but we did at least go fishing! At first we were going to fish at a lake at the tipsy top of a mountain but the lake isn’t there anymore. So we went fishing at a different lake and we made burgers over a fire and roasted marshmallows too! On the way down the mountain my dad got two flat tires and my mom, my brother, Jessie, and I had to wait for Shawn and my dad to get back with new tires! I got a kayak for my early birthday present! Jake and I use our kayaks a lot. Allie Jake and I are having a party on the 12th because that is Allie’s graduation day so Jake and I are having our birthday partys on that day too even though mine is on June 16th and Jake’s is on the 17th of June. Well I guess that’s all for now.SAM_0007

⚓Habi Hoba⚓,                              Sarah G Dayton

May 20, 2016  

Hello, I am super exited because a lot of stuff is happening soon! We are leaving in August, I am getting Scuba certified in July, my birthday is in June, we are finishing school in June, and vacation bible school is in July too. A few days ago I got a ukulele. Birthdays are always fun and mine is coming. I am also exited to get Scuba certified and that’s exiting too! We will finish our school in June, actually the day right before my birthday!!! Well I got a ukulele and it is beautiful. I play it almost every day. sarah ukeJake has one too but you can read his blog to find out about his. Adina, Jake, and I are going to vacation bible school and I’m sure that will be fun. That will happen in July. Speaking of “vacation” our friends Shawn and Jessie are going camping with us but that will only be like next weekend! I am so exited because we are going to go fishing, we’ll hike , sleep in tents, and the best part, NO SCHOOL for 4 days!!!!! But in August we are leaving for our adventure. But that will still be fun. It’s getting awfully close to leaving time but that doesn’t matter. Well, speaking of leaving, that’s all for now.
Yours truly,

Sarah G Dayton

April 23, 2016  

Hey guys, it’s been a wile since my last blog so a lot of stuff has happened like losing my tooth, signing up for dive classes, and having donuts for breakfast. Yesterday my mom and I went to underwater sports and I got signed up for dive classes. I’m super exited for the dive classes and open water dives too because it will be my first time diving. My friend Adina is also taking the same course as I am. This morning my mom, brother, and I walked to the doughnut shop and when we got back we ate the donuts, well most of them. My brother ate a bacon maple bar and I had two donuts and I still want some! We also bought chocolate milk so we had a pretty sugar filled breakfast this morning. The other day I lost my tooth and that made me really exited. A couple days before I wrote a persuasive letter to my mom. I asked if I could have two dollars for my tooth and it worked! My tooth is probably in the trash but I do have a hole in my face! So I guess that concludes it. My tooth is missing, the donuts were delicious, and I can’t wait for my dive courses. Thanks, anyway, my few weeks were fun. Till next time,

  • Sarah G Dayton

  • April, 16, 2016  Hello, it’s been almost a month since my last blog so I’ve got a lot to talk about. Let’s see, well I recently had Easter with my cousins and my grandpa died as well.
    Easter was fun. We got lots of candy and we went to church too. We learned a lot of things at church on Easter.
    Last week my grandpa died and he was very sick. It was a very sad time but I think that death is a celebration. At least he is not in pain anymore.
    That’s all for now thanks. Easter was awesome and after my grandpa died we had a funeral we went to a Mexican restaurant and it was nice. Anyway,
    Ta ta for now,
    Sarah G Dayton

    March, 25, 2016
    I am exited for a lot of things that are coming up soon like Easter and other stuff too. My dad built a cupboard on the boat and I am also going to get baptized on Easter Sunday. This week is an exiting week because it will be fun most of the week was boring.
    Easter is coming up soon so on Sunday me and my brother and mom will go to church and after that we will go to our cousins house. We are going to bring a dirt cake with pudding and gummy worms. I am exited for church and Easter.
    Speaking of church, I am going to get baptized on Easter when we go to church. That will be an amazing experience and I’m exited for it. We also did a lot of school and my dad built a cupboard in the boat which is pretty cool.
    The best part is when well, some of it didn’t even happen yet but I’m most exited for the dirt cake. So thats pretty much it so
    Habi Hoba,

    Sarah G Dayton

    March, 11, 2016  The weather has been rough and rainy and windy but that didn’t stop us from having fun. This is what happened this week. We went to a run called The hot chocolate run with my moms coworkers and boss. We also did the run with my mom’s boss’s kids. It was really fun.  When we went to the run we went with all of those people came and I got to play with my friends and run around and go CRAZY!!!! Even the two girls that my mom’s boss was taking care of because they were exchange students. In the beginning of the race we got a”cinch sack” and in it was a sweatshirt and our run numbers and the sweatshirt is super comfy too. In the middle of the race we all got these huge chocolate chips and at the end we got these cups that were filled with snacks like pretzels, mini bananas, a marshmallow, pirouline stick things, chocolate fondue, hot chocolate, a rice crispy treat, and a moist towelette.10580062_1128800183821424_3429299703106848339_n

We went to a playground with the biggest and most high up slides, they were really really REALLY scary! The way to get up to the platform where the slides and bridges was by climbing a climbing net. The ropes were hard and it made my hands burn. The worst part was my hands were wet and freezing! It was raining then so the slide was wet so every time I went down my butt got wetter and it got faster every time. The swing set had wind chimes on it so whenever we shook it, it played music and there was some pillars with instruments. I loved how the playground was an enormous instrument. 12806103_10208485153227631_2118591466193229729_n (1)

Later that day we all went to a restaurant called “The Spaghetti Factory” and had lunch there and the spaghetti was delicious, I had marinara sauce on mine. The inside of the restaurant was really pretty and had beautiful lamps and chairs and tables. I think it was a pretty darn good lunch.

So my lunch was good, playing at the playground was fun, and doing the run was really really REALLY fun. My week was awesome and a blast. That day was greatly appreciated by me and many more. Me and my family and friends had so much fun!                                                                                                                                                  Yours truly,

Sarah G Dayton




February 27, 2016  

Well its been two weeks since my last words of blogging but a lot has happened like um … Okay not much has happened but we did go to the YMCA some more and well I guess most of the time we just did school and we also did nothing too. We’ve been doing a bit of Tai Chi lately. We also did other stuff too like going to Shawn and Jessie’s house,  and  I also got my upper braces and went to my mom’s work. It was Sooooooooooo fun.

At the Y, we went swimming, yesterday. Today we practiced our super awesome crazy amazing Tai Chi skills, I mean we are pretty good already but we want to be experts, you know to make a living with it. ( : Yesterday when we went to the pool to swim we went to a water exercise class. There were a lot of old people there. There are always a lot of old people there! I think it’s neat that we are the only kids doing both Tai Chi and the exercise class!

We went to Shawn and Jessie’s house again last week. When we went to their house we made a movie and we were going to post it on YouTube but I don’t know if we did. We also made a ginger bread shaped chocolate cake. He tasted delicious!!! His leg was broken off of him so we gave him a frosting cast and signed our names on it. We also played hide and seek in the dark at night time. It was really fun.

A couple of days ago I went to my mom’s work (she works as a dentist at a dentistry) anyway, I went there because I went to the orthodontist to get my braces on. I already had my lower braces, so I was only getting my upper braces on. After my appointment I stayed for the rest of the day at my mom’s work and I did all my school work there. It still does hurt a little bit.

So I guess a lot actually happened this week and last week too like getting my braces, going to the Y, going to Shawn and Jessie’s house and last but not least LIFE!!! That is pretty much it. The week was neat and I hope you have a neat time. Love your love, live your life, and go have an adventure!!!!!! ( :

Yours truly,

Sarah G

February 6, 2016

So it’s been a couple of months since my last blog and a lot of stuff has happened like all the holidays, and how we took our boat out of the water, and we got a membership at the YMCA. We also did a lot more fun stuff too, like playing with my mom’s, boss’s, daughter, Adina, fitbit fun, and how we could put our Wii on the boat and we also got a full computer in the aft state room. I think it’s actualy pretty cool. I love living on the boat, it is also super fun with all the things to do around here. The holidays were really fun like Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Let’s start with Thanksgiving, we spent those days with some of my dad’s friends, Shawn and his daughter named Jessie. We had a traditional Thanksgiving with a great big delicious turkey. We had a lot of fun there, we played outside, we stayed a couple of nights, and Jake even played golf with Shawn. Now for Christmas. Christmas was pretty fun, we spent it with our peeps. On Christmas me and my whole family, my sisters and brother and their wife and husband all went to one of my sister’s house and we kinda had a Christmas there. We also had our own family Christmas on the boat too. So the holidays were super fun and awesome, but my favorite part was the great big delicious turkey.

12195861_1122454417779726_4920274153354734703_nWe put our boat on the hard in the SwanTown boat works about a couple of months ago and we brought our trailer to sleep in and we put a mattress in the trailer to sleep on. It was really fun being out of the water because we also got to watch the really really really big crane thing lift the boats. My favorite part was we even set up the Wii and DVD player in the trailer, oh! That reminds me we set up the wii and DVD player up in the boat. I think it’s really fun, in my opinion!       So we set up the wii in the boat and played with it a lot. We had a lot of fun over the past few weeks, we brought my mom’s, boss’s, daughter, Adina she was very fun and just like the Wii we put our computer in the aft state room (the back). I also had a lot of fun with my fitbit and the challenges with them. The challenges make me want to get fit more because it’s a fun and competative way to work out and exersize. To me, it just makes me feel amazing!       Speaking of exercising, my mom, dad, and my sister got memberships to a place called the YMCA. The YMCA is a fitness studio with a lot of cool stuff like, tai chi, yoga, swimming, supersizing machines etc. There is a bunch of stuff there and all of it is amazing. I love the Y! When Adina came to our boat we went to the Y and it was fun!       Well, the last few months were awesome and fun. I hope Ican have another great time like everything I wrote about. Well, I guess that’s all for now. It was fun!                                                                                                                           The best person ever,                                                                                                                                                                    Sarah G Dayton

September 12th 

Today and yesterday we were selling all of our stuff. We put all of our stuff out in a parking lot on the side of the highway. While we were selling I spun our big sign that said STUFF on it in big letters. I was a sign spinner and I did really well! All of the cars and motorcycles were really loud and every time a big truck honks or makes any loud or scary noises I jump and yelp a little too. A crazy place for a classroom isn’t it? I’m trying to write a blog on the side of a highway!!!


My oldest brother is getting married tomorrow and we had to go shopping for wedding clothes. We made sure that the clothes matched the wedding colors. The wedding colors are turquoise, mint, and coral. We also bought a bible today as a wedding gift for them; we also had their name gilded on it.

I’m not really that exited for living on our boat because we don’t spend much time at home and I’m getting a little tired of boating. We can’t go back home because I am already home-schooled so I can’t go back to school. I am missing my friends back home but I have to just deal with it, I mean there’s nothing I can do. I’m just getting sadder and less exited because I’m getting use to the boat and it’s not as exiting anymore. I found a magnifying glass in my dad’s truck so I thought that we could possibly roast weenies (hot dogs) by making a fire. We would get sticks and buy buns and hot dogs but we could not anyway because we couldn’t make a fire in a parking lot, we did not want to spend money on hot dogs, buns, and condiments, and I couldn’t even find sticks!    So the last couple of weeks were pretty fun, I like selling, the wedding will be awesome too. Well, Hasta Luego Amigos,                                                                                                                                                                              Sarah G Dayton

August 20 2015,

So, we changed our minds about homeschooling.  We decided that instead of waiting until fifth grade out in the ocean to start homeschooling.  We are going to start this year, in forth grade.  So far, homeschooling is pretty cool.  I absolutely love the “Life of Fred” math books.  I decorated my binder with stickers.  I am desperately in need of more stickers to make it look amazing and less plain green.

I am learning to be a flutist. Well, more like struggling to learn to make my flute make sounds, like at all. Whatever, someday I will be amazing!

I was having the best summer ever, so far.   I made friends with two boys named Conner and Colton at the marina and I played with them all summer long. I also made a friend named Adina. She is super cool.  We spent a week at her house and played in her pool and went to vacation bible school with her. After that, she came and stayed at our boat for a week. We went fishing, swimming, and creature catching, and we did a whole month of survival quest in just one day. I cut myself, in the woods, on a can of Vienna sausages and Adina made a band-aid out of a leaf and string.


Well, there was also a kid named Trenton and we played with him too until he had to leave at the end of summer. He loved to play Call of Duty.

We did tons of stuff this summer. Conner jumped in the water for the first time ever.  We went paddling in a canoe and kayaks and went rowing in the evening with Warren. We rode a blow up sting ray and we all took turns jumping off the bowsprit of Kip’s pirate ship.  Conner and I did a lot of Pokemon battles and I went fishing with Colton. I let him use my pole and taught him how to jig.  Salmon are strong and my pole is not.

11094695_959526360752276_2347852827505869500_n 11855644_959526707418908_1654931367993897892_n 11885387_959526600752252_4847303128662909873_n

Now that summer is ending, we are learning Spanish for when we go to Mexico. Conner, Colton, and their mom Camille, are listening to our Spanish lessons with us. Duolingo wasn’t working today so we listened to cassette tapes on our radio, which are pretty effective. Now I know “it’s necessary” by heart. Es necessario.

Hasta luego  amigos!

My First Blog

So I have been thinking about life on the water and what the future has for me. It’s a big world out there, kind of scary but I think I’m ready for this.

When I first knew about the big trip I wasn’t happy about going but I grew into it. I knew that leaving meant leaving all my friends and I might not see them ever again but life is just about moving on.

After a long time of knowing that I won’t have the same food choices, I started to wonder where I could hide junk food on the boat. I asked my parents if I could bring junk food on the boat so that I could savor the taste while it lasted before I have to eat fish and rice, yuck.

I asked my mom, when I start home schooling if I could learn about the following:



Arm knitting

Eggshell/seashell art

Sea wildlife



After 4-5 years of boat life I would like to come home and start up high school and graduate on land.

Farewell for now

Sarah G. Dayton