18″ main track at the top of slide for all measurements18 in slide track all the way to the top for all measurements

Mizzen track slug I believe it’s 3/8″ in a 1/2″ opening


main boom to tack
main foot

Main leech

main leech

main luff

main luff

main rake

main rake


Both main and mizzen will be set up with shacklemain shackle point adding block

main mast  to tack

main tack from boom

Main and mizzen mast heads are the same

mast head

mizzen luff

max mizzen luff 18ft.3 in

mizzen rake

mizzen rake 12.5 in

online spec

waterline to deck at chainplatewaterline to base 38 inches waterline to cranze  iron parallel to platformwaterline tro forestay 55inches