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Jake’s Blog July 2017

Hey Guys, Hows It Goin? Well, we have to renew our Mexico visas and to do that you have to leave the country and then come back. I have no idea why that,s the law, it doesn’t make much since but we still have to do it so we departed the great Mexican city of La Paz about two weeks ago to head north towards Puerto Panasco. That’s the closest Marina to the border where we have to leave the vessel and bus across to the states. My brother Jeremy, his wife, and his daughter are moving to Arizona soon and we hope to visit them while we’re in the US. Mostly I’m excited to see my niece Isabella since she was born shortly before we left on this journey so we only got to see her a tiny bit.

When we first left La Paz we revisited Ensenada Grande on the island and headed north from there to Los Candeleros, we did some snorkeling but there wasnt much there so we only stayed for a night to get some rest. We met Waponi Woo from La Paz at Bahia Chuenque where they delivered our freezer foot to us by water… literally, Ryan swam it to us. We all chuckled a bit as we watched him swim over with the foot in the air. From Chuenque we went to Loreto which was a medium sized city with lots of people. The fan for our fridge stopped working and that,s super important so we had to get a couple new ones to replace it and have an extra as well. I also purchased a new fishing lure at a local fishing store “Ferremar”. We stayed at Loreto for probably three or four days and took off. Our next destination was Caleta San Juanico. We read in the “Sea of Cortez” cruisers guide that there was a cruisers shrine at San Juanico where people hang there signs and creations showing they came to this bay at a certain time and we had to hang ours to.We carved in a little board our vessel, names, and the date. We all loaded into the dinghy and cruised over to the beach where Sarah lost her glasses… twice! Luckily we found them both times even if it took a trip to the boat and back to get masks. We left that bay after a few days and headed to Bahia Santa Domingo.We went to the rocky beaches and took a couple pictures but that was it there wasn’t much else to explore at that bay so we stayed for only two days before we got pretty bored. After Santa Domingo, we went to Bahia Concepcion, a very pretty bay that many different people from all over come to camp, fish, and swim at the beautiful beaches it offers, but unfortunately we didn’t stay very long. We got there late at night and left early the next morning to another popular vacation spot, Santa Rosalia. We had a wonderful time there, we met a nice man named Sal who spoke very good English and he invited us to a traditional Mexican birthday party for his uncle on Saturday, we couldn’t pass that up so we payed the Fonatur Marina for a week. The marina had WiFi connection so although it may have been a pretty bad connection, it was good enough for me to play Minecraft with some friends on an online server. When Saturday came along Saul told us he would pick us up from the parking lot to take us to the party at 3:00 so we went up there and we waited and waited for two hours just sitting there in the sun and he finally called and told us he wasn’t gonna be there to pick us up until 6:00. *Siiigghhhhh* So we headed back down to the Air Conditioned boat and waited longer. After a while we heard a knock on the boat and we knew it was him so we grabbed our stuff again and headed back up the dock and the steep ramp and hopped into his Volkswagen Beetle.It felt like a clown car as we all stuffed inside this tiny thing and drove off to his house and sat while slowly more and more of his family members drove in. They had a Pinata and really good food and the party went late into the night, it was a blast. Sadly, we had to leave the next morning so we untied the lines and pushed off. We motor sailed because there wasn’t much wind so we weren’t gonna get very far just sailing. I threw in my new lure and waited hoping to catch a fish, we haven’t caught anything for a while so I was eager to get something. Usually these passages are pretty boring, but this one wasn’t so bad because within 30 minutes we had a fish on the line. “Fiiish Ooooon”, as soon as I set the hook the fish jumped out of the water and I saw its blue and green colors. It was a Mahi Mahi, a species I hadn’t yet caught on this trip. I was so excited to get it on board and eat it for lunch, it fought very well for only being only five pounds or so which was perfect for our family, so we cleaned it and through it in the freezer to eat later. We still had room for more so I threw in the line again and only 20 minutes later there was another on the line, they liked that lure.This one was about three or four pounds more then the last one and Sarah fought this one, once she got it up close my dad and I took over, it was really heavy but we got it on board and cleaned that one as well. Now we’ve got alot of Mahi on board to eat.We arrived at Bahia De Los Angelas at night and the next day we ate some Mahi for lunch. It was delicious and I ate it with ceviche, a salsa like recipe for putting on different kinds of meat. It had been suggested to us by other fisherman and boaters several times and I can see why they suggested it. Bahia De Los Angelas is a small city and has plenty of tiendas to prevision, there’s two Pemex stations to get fuel which we had to do. The two fuel stations took quite a walk to get to so my mom and I walked there that evening with our cart to fill four jerry cans and haul back to the boat with the walker bay dinghy. It took a few hours but we got it done and came back with popsicles to suck on when we got back. Today we left Bahia De Los Angelas and we are now heading to the anchorage called Puerto Refugio to swim a bit and eat lunch.Hopefully we make it, but that’s all for now…
so until next time,

Picture Prompt by Jake

“How are you all today” said Evan to start off his “What he did this summer” presentation. “Good, great, this sucks” said his classmates. “Well, this summer I discovered a new dimension”. His whole class started laughing. The teacher made them stop but their giggles continued throughout the presentation. “As you all know I am an inventor and have been working on the same invention you all refer to as the “NerdyNu” for years and I have finally completed it”. “In case any of you didn’t know, it is a suitcase that leads to a different demension”. He opened up his suitcase to show them and he realized there was nothing there. He screamed accidentally so his teacher excused him. “Evan, principals office”, she said. He left the class and stayed at the principals office till lunch. At the end of the day he went home to fix his invention and figured out the problem was the staircase producer inducer. Once he fixed it he opened it up to see if the staircase was there and sure enough it was so he walked down the stairs to the other dimension and it was a different dimension than before. He was confused but he eventually found that the new producer inducer makes it so you can change the demension that you go to. Cool. So he took it to school again the next day and it worked. Everybody was amazed and the teacher took a picture for the newspaper so now the whole town knew and he was famous. The Nerd is now a millionare thanks to his smart brain and genius inventions. He kept selling them from his new company. He stuck with the same name, “NerdyNu”©.

Jake’s Writings 11.21.16

Hey Guys, so now we are in San Diego bay and we are on the anchor next to Al and he has to go to work so he’ll be off the Iko Iko for a while.
On the way down I threw out a fishing line off his boat and I caught a few long skinny fish with teeth that I cannot identify and I also caught another bonita. We went to the farmers market to pick up a few veggies and dips and we went to seven eleven to grab some drinks. After that we explored the bay a little bit in our dinghys, that was fun. Al and I raced our dinghys and although he has a six horse power motor and we have a five, I still won because I’m lighter than him so I plane out better. Al took the day off to go get his vehicle so he can drive to his clients. Right now we are having electrical problems. The gauges aren’t working because something is going on with the alternator and the Perko switch so our engine isn’t charging the batteries. At least we didn’t cometmp_7749-20161106_141634-2100366989into this bay because the engine is broken and we have a while to fix it. That all the info on this bay I have right now. We will keep you updated on what’s coming up but, Until next time,

Picture Prompt: Buddy and Rudolph

Picture Prompt by Jake
Buddy started off a new day in the small town of tinyopia, and when I say small town I mean everything is small. Nothing is bigger than your finger in this town. He started the day by going for a ride on his best horse Rudolph. He did not have a red nose if you we’re wondering, or antlers. But anyways ,this was a very skilled horse. He could jump 11 feet and could run 60 MPH for 5 minutes. Buddy was working at a research facility for college credits. They studied life biology and helped sick animals. In March 2014 they started a cat research and found that they breed and produce in the fall so that when the babies we’re to old to drink mamas milk, they could eat plants in the spring because that’s when all the plants are growing. Well, one day, Buddy was riding his horse out in the woods and he found the biggest cat he had ever seen in his entire life. It was huge. The cat was hunting so once it saw Buddy it started chasing him. He ran his horse as fast as he could until he could not see the cat anymore and his horse was tired. He stopped at a tree house his friend had made that he used for a hunting blind during winter and he and his his horse went in there.  It was night time so he went to sleep and in the morning he woke up and looked out the window and he saw the big cat which was still looking for him. He pulled out his rope to lasso the cat. He hadn’t started reading a book on how to lasso to long ago but apparently his skills weren’t good enough because he just barely missed the cat. It heard the rope hit the ground and he saw Buddy holding it so Buddy jump out of the tree house with his horse and they took off. The horse did not get enough sleep because it to tired to run to fast this time so the cat was right behind them.  Buddy told his horse to keep going straight so he could turn around and try to lasso the cat. He aimed and threw the lasso and it made it right over the cats head. Now that he had the cat on his rope he lead it to the research lab. When he got there he whistled for the professor  who came out with a big cage and they put the cat in it. They did some research on the cat and found out it was a bloober cat. The Professor promoted Buddy for all his hard work.

Picture Prompt Story Writing by Jake

Catching a Cab

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Elizabeth. She was a very strange girl. She loved knitting blankets, and grocery shopping, and reading the whole dictionary twice every day, but most of all, she loved making bets. She always won, and if she thought she would lose she didn’t take it. Her family was very wealthy so they lived in a house of 26,922 square feet along the waterfront. It was worth 148 million dollars. Her closet was the size of your average bedroom. Well, never mind all that, back to the main story. One sunny day in southern California, she was very bored so she went to the local marina to say hello to the fishermen. She loved hearing all there sea stories. She came down here often and talked to the same people but today, a new fisherman came to the marina. He had the ugliest, most beat up boat of all, and on the side it read “Taxi Charters”. Elizabeth, being herself, the friendly sort, went up and introduced herself before he had time to tie up. ” Hi, I’m Elizabeth, how are you”. He turned toward her and said ” Hello to you, I am Kaleb and I’m doing great”. He turned back, finished tying up the boat, sat down and asked “What are you doing on this fine Saturday morning”. ” Oh just talking to the ol’ guys”. After an hour of talking with each other she figured out he too liked making bets. They finished up and he ended their conversation with- “Well, I gotta catch a cab. Once I’m done I’ll go to the part store. My boat ran down, that’s why I’m here. But if my engine didn’t run down I wouldn’t meet you, so I guess its a blessing. Bye”. They lived in the quaint little town of Ruta Shores, so there weren’t any taxis driving around town so she responded with, ” Your not catch’n a cab around here”. He said, “You wanna bet”, and of course she took it. He waved and walked away. It was 8:00 pm so she returned to her house and went to bed. The next morning she woke up and went to find Kaleb. After 20 minutes of searching, she found him surf fishing on the rocky beach with his mooching pole, reeling in a big one. She walked up to him and he said, ” If I land this, I win the bet”. “What do you mean” she asked. He said, “I’m gonna catch a cab, like you told me too”. He pulled in the supposed taxi for 2 hours. He finally landed it. Elizabeth was surprised beyond imagination and for once she actually lost a bet.7d241c503d3a72bb2c28c006c5956ffd

                                                                       THE END

Jake’s Writings


20160904_1941571 Hey Guys, so we fixed the transmission and started our journey to San Diego and so far we’ve made it to Westport. We thought we would make it to San Diego in one trip but we were having trouble sailing and the wind died down. It took us two days in a row to get from Port Angeles to Westport. So we started the engine. When we were motoring, the boom broke where it connects to the mast. So we had to stop at Westport. Just before we got to the Marina we saw Sea Lions and a HUGE Orca Whale. My dad stiched it with metal eyes and rivets and JB Weld.

Westport is a very popular place to fish and there are a lot of charters there. We went to the gift shop and I bought a beanie and a baseball cap that has a hook on it and mesh in the back. Its very comfortable. We walked around the whole town, its not very big. We also went to the beach and watched all the waves crashing on the rock wall. I’ve had lots of fun.

After we left Garibaldi we set sail to Bandon and during that little trip we got to see some whales. It was crazy, they were all around us-(Orcas and Gray Whales). They got really close. It was Super Cool. We did a lot of experimenting, we used the jib and motor sailed, then just motored, then just sailed but eventually we dropped the sails and motored over night and docked at Bandon In the morning there wasn’t much to see and in the afternoon when we got close to Brookings, the waves started to get rough. I fell asleep but I was later informed that we docked and the Coast Guard yelled across the bay and asked for our documentation number and if my dad was Tim. Once that was all worked out. Sarah woke me up and I ate dinner and it is now the next day and we are in Brookings waiting for the bad weather to pass and then we will leave.

That all for now,

but until next time,



Jake’s Writings: Aug 27th 2016

Hey guys, in the past three weeks I spent some time on the boat next to us which belongs to a guy who is also named Jake. Anyways, Sarah and I stayed on the boat for a week and helped Jake cut, weigh, and bag tuna and made some money.

14264055_1364759596882539_7228247202367686215_n 14316908_1364759813549184_5706248447315315223_n 14322266_1364759346882564_4396473152448727239_nThen a week afternoon the season was over, he came back and asked if we wanted to help him do his roof and we said sure so the next day he picked us up at 7:30 and drove us to his house and all the shingles he dropped off the roof, we would pick up and put in the trailer. It was a pretty bad day to do it because it was probably the hottest day of the year. After a whole day of that we super tired and he gave us each 100 bucks and took us to dinner. That was very nice of him. A couple days after that we got bored so we walked to target and bought two scooters. So we’ve been scoot’n around all week. I ordered an Aviax qaudcopter drone, it is waterproof and I’m naming it Hydro. Its supposed to come to day and I’m really excited. I’m gonna end with that, so, 14358912_10209373415428557_8510672686837981246_n 14391026_1375900692435096_3509431437655974982_n

until next time,


June 10/ 2016

Hey Guys, I’m very happy because just a little bit ago Sarah and I got kayaks for an early birthday present because our parents couldn’t hide them.kids kiyaks

Also, this week I downloaded a video editor and I’ve been messing around with it learning all the functions. I think a lot more videos will get uploaded on my YouTube channel   (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCjwpMIiEi4RZE5SFUiGam8w) and the website. Also, guess what, I’m finishing school tomorrow. I’m very happy to know that. Beside rain, rain, and more rain that’s about all that happened this week. Hopefully there will be better weather next time I talk to you, until then,



Hey guys, recently Shawn, a friend of ours, invited us on a four day camping trip from the 27th to the 30th, I’m excited to go because I’m going to bring my new ukulele for some good ole campfire songs. I got a ukulele because a neighbor plays one and he taught me a song on his so I wanted to have my own.

JAKE ukeI know the C, E, F, G, G7, and A minor chords. You can play over 100 songs with just three of those chords. I’m learning slowly but as of now I know the FUN song from Spongebob Squarepants and I don’t know the name of the other but it uses the C, F, G, and A minor chords. The best thing that’s happened this week is I looked at the calendar and we only have 18 days of school left. In July were going to the Stovers again for VBS (Vacation Bible School) or VBX (Vacation Bible Extreme). This week was awesome and I hope the next one is too and I can tell you all about it. But until next time,

                                  Habi Hoba


Hey guys, Jake again of course. You know, I’m starting to run out of intros, I’m gonna have to improvise. Well anyways, we’ve been trying for a while to get somebody to do our canvas and each person has got something wrong. A lot are people have to big of prices or some have bad work and some just say straight up no. We haven’t found anybody and the last person we called was my dads friend Troy who just opened up a canvas business. We have to save money for sails after canvas. We want the canvas to be tan and the sails to be cream. Also my mom used her birthday card money and some out of her bank account to buy a Mr. Coffee coffee pot and two cool blow up chairs from amazon. Here’s the link to check em out:http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-inflatable-Furniture-Sleeping-HIGHPHONE/dp/B01DU4Y7NS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1461349145&sr=8-2&keywords=Inflatable+lawn+couch
Wow, that is one huge link but go ahead and tap on it and you can buy your own.
That’s all for now,
Habi Hoba


Hey guys, in this blog I wanted to tell you that with everything we’ve been doing on the boat recently including the solar panels, water maker, bow sprit, and a lot more because the weather is changing, so we haven’t been going to the Y. That means Sarah and I haven’t been doing Tai Chi which is a lot better in my opinion. Anyways, its been a while since I last wrote you a blog. Sadly on April 8, my moms birthday, my Papa died at 2:48 PM. I’m pretty sure Esther happened since I last talked to you. It was very fun. We also visited my dads friend Sean and Jessie and picked moral mushrooms. That was also super fun. If you’d like to see more pictures of our projects check out my Instagram at Jake Dayton. You’ll see my face and my story. That’s all for this blog.  Bye Bye


Hey guys, for Easter we plan on going to our cousins house where we do normally, but I haven’t seen them in a long time. Also this weekend my sister and I are getting baptized, which is super exciting. I went to my moms office where she works just to be there and I did all my school besides music and Spanish. I couldn’t do Spanish because the language app Duo-lingo requires WiFi connection which they had, just my kindle wouldn’t connect to it. Janelle, one of my moms coworkers invited Sarah and I again to come to their house in July and spend a week to go to VBS/VBX (Vacation Bible School or Vacation Bible Extreme). I’m looking forward to it. This week was very simple. Besides the three things I just told you about, it was mostly the same. I hope reading my blogs makes your week, but until next time,




Winter seems pretty dull, nothing interesting happens till summer. But this week my family and all my moms co-worker’s families and I all went to Seattle to do the Hot Chocolate run. It was super fun and you got these cool finisher mugs that had snacks and of course chocolate in them. Afterwards we all went to the park close by and there was a huge slide and it was raining and that made the slide wet so you would speed down the slide super fast. I had gone down the big slide a couple of times already and the last time I went down I got flipped over by the second turn and thrown face first into the third turn. It really hurt my eye and supposedly I flipped over Sarah but I don’t remember anything between when I hit my face and when I was hugging my mom 15 minutes later. After I recovered from the incident we went to the armory and waited for two hours to go to lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. I love spaghetti, its one of my favorite foods. Then everybody walked to their cars and drove home. Besides smacking my face on metal, it was an awesome day.


I hope something cool happens between now and my next blog so I can tell you guys.

But until next time,



Hey guys, I don’t know how I forgot to tell you but on Christmas my older brother Jeremy told us Anna, his wife was pregnant a d she’s due on July 25. I’m going to be an uncle. Were leaving in August so we get to see the baby before we leave but I think we would have rescheduled just to see it anyways. Also I’m happy the weather is getting warmer. Its super sunny on the boat today.Picture

There is a day some time in April called world Tai Chi day and everybody who do Tai Chi all do it at a certain time in the day but everyone who does Tai Chi in Olympia go to the park and do it together and Sarah and I are going?. Our parents might take a video of it and post it on the website.
My dad recently put on the arches to mount the solar panels to so that’s one less thing we have to do. Nothing much else interesting happened in the last two weeks so I’m going to end this blog with a big,

February 10, 2016

Jake here, I’m going to start video/vlogging using my camcorder, a couple go-pros and any footage I can get from our drone camera. This is all new to me but I enjoy talking about things that are happening verses writing. I started a you-tube channel, you can subscribe to and I uploaded my first video blog.

February 3, 2016

Hey guys, the reason I haven’t been blogging lately is just because I’m lazy. But I’m catching up slowly. I’ve done a lot since my last blog.

We pulled the boat out and did a bunch of work on it, When we put the boat on stilts we did a lot of work on it, so much we spent a week sleeping in the scuba trailer. We put zincs on the prop and painted and put primer on the bottom and sides. Since we had nothing to do we hooked up the Wii gaming system and DVD player. 12065858_1122465234445311_4269748979262445726_n

12208491_1122466141111887_6657100607286278625_n I went golfing with my dad’s friend Shawn, and we stayed for thanksgiving. It was super cold outside when Shawn and I went golfing so the grass was frozen until noon. It was easy to putt and hard to pitch.

My friend Adina came over again for a weekend. When Adina came over we rented four movies and watched them all in one day.

In all, I went golfing saw a friend and got the boats work taken care of. I had a pretty good time but winter isn’t  over yet. Thank guys, until next time, Habi Hoba

September 12, 2015

I’ve gotten a lot better at clarinet since my last blog, I can now play jingle bells and silent night.

12036503_1098731140152054_8113359059347826582_n Since we’re moving on the boat we can’t keep a lot of stuff so this weekend we had a yard sale to get rid of things. Some special stuff we are going to keep such as my baseball cards and other stuff like that. We are getting a lot of attention—so much that there was a car accident because people kept slowing down to look at our signs. It feels lime camping because we got to sleep at the sight in the trailer considering we were selling for two days. My dad wants to get rid of stuff so bad he tells people if they buy something they have to take something, buy one get one free. My 28 year old brother is getting married tomorrow to his fiance Anna. We had to buy new clothes so we could dress up fancy for the wedding and that was kind of a pain in the butt because the colors were coral, mint, and turquoise.

I believe that is all so, TTFN


August 29, 2015

I haven’t written for the blog in a while, but here goes nothing. This was the best summer ever.

I’ve made a lot of new friends this summer. Some of these friendships are really working out. For example, one of my friends, Conner, is just as addicted to “Pokemon” as I am. Sometimes it gets really hot so I’ve been jumping in the water a lot. I just got PADI scuba certified to 40 feet. It was really fun doing all my skills and diving in the course. At first I was nervous because I was the littlest kid there but I made it and I learned a lot of stuff on the way. Dad says were going to be diving a lot so I don’t forget what I have learned. Earlier this summer I spent a week at my moms bosses house so we could play with his kids and go to vacation bible school. It was very fun. About three days after that his daughter Adina came over to our boat and stayed with us for a week.

Recently we have started home schooling and I like it a whole lot better than public school. There’s not much to it. We have about 4 things to do every day. For math we are reading these “Life of Fred” books that are about this little 5 year old kid that is a teacher at a school called Kittens University. I have changed my mind. I am going to play mostly clarinet and learn a little bit of guitar on the way. So far I can already play “Mary had a Little Lamb” or “London Bridge” or “Rolling Along”— ohhhhhhh they’re all the same tune!

For history we have been working on the Bible and its stories. For science we’ve been doing the NAUI scuba diver workbook. I think it is cool to be home schooled.



11800435_1015584155143028_848899637746545981_n IMG_0167 IMG_0170

Thanks guys,

Habi Hoba

Jakes Personal Journal

So I’ve been thinking about this whole “sailing around the world” thing and it’s going to be hard with limited space and not much to do. We get two minute showers and it’s very unlike me to not stay in to soak. Staying on the boat means our diets changes, instead of “it’s the life” with pizza and ice cream we’re going to be working for rice and fish. As I was writing this I realized I’ve only been looking at my disadvantages. On my sailing trip I will learn how to navigate by the stars with the “Sextant” a contraption that’s used to find your longitude and latitude to pinpoint your position on earth. I also want to learn about other religions and how to play guitar.


Until next time,

Habi Hoba