Onward to Mexico

Change is in the air as we travel from San Diego, our last US port to Ensenada, our first port in Mexico.  We were told that the crew must stay on the boat until the captain goes through the process of clearing customs, immigration, the port captain, the bank and the mexican insurance agent. We have been listeing to Spanish lessons during dinner for a couple of months now and let’s just say that immersion is definitely going to be a better method for Darius. With the forms that he had to fill out, which we were able to view online but were unable to translate, the kids and I thought our chances of ever seeing Mexican terra firma  were at best pretty slim.
Upon arriving at the entrance to the harbor, we were attempting a radio call to the dock master for landing instructions and discovered that our newly enhanced cell plan that extends coverage to Mexico only allows us to receive calls but not to place them with the phone skills we currently possess. So in trying to figure out what VHF channel the marina monitors, we stumbled across a cruisers forum that gives weather, safety, and other necessary information (such as the name of a dentist in town who speaks English) and we interrupted the conversation  to introduce ourselves and get pointed in the right direction. We got docked and with all the necessary paperwork in hand Darius took off for the dock master’s office and the kids and I got busy doing school and cleaning up the boat. About 15 minutes later Al, our traveling buddy shows back up at the boat and says that Darius needs a picture of the serial number of the boat motor and that all of us had to do this first paperwork macarena. Remember, we sailed in the elements for 20 hours overnight, did some cleaning, made breakfast, worked on school lessons, took a picture of a dirty greasy motor that I had to crawl down into a hatch to access, and now I have to look respectable because the dock master’s clerks are going to lead this dance for us. Oh what a beautiful mess to be in. So speed hair and toothbrushing all around and we were off with an actual possibility of being allowed into the country.
We got lots of help, read lots of signs, talked to all variety of Mexican beaurocrats, paid $533.00 USD, and were welcomed into the country for 180 days. Woohoo! So we were returned to the dock, which is part of a hotel resort with swimming pools and all of the amenities.
FB_IMG_1487371415786We decided it was time to get some culture and venture into town for some authentic Mexican street tacos for dinner by way of city bus. It was an adventure finding the right bus to get back to the boat but we made it in time to take a swim and relax in the hot tubs.
We spent the next day grocery shopping which was a test of my Spanish skills but it seems that I did alright. We have had tostadas, donas, fruit salad with pineapple, papaya, honey and lime, we made pico de gallo, bean and cheese sopas, and this morning we had to google the words on the package to figure out that we were having turkey chorizo with rice and fried eggs. No complaints about the food yet.
We adventured through another trip to the grocery store for water and some freshly baked tortillas, Darius tackled an auto parts store and a lumber/hardware store on his own and then met me at the pharmacy to purchase an inhaler. The pharmacist didn’t speak any English and after Darius’ cherades antomime she put her finger up and lead him to the binaca. One more game of “asthma” charades and $2.60 and we were out the door.
We did our repair on the boat and spent a second evening in the pool and then decided to stick around Ensenada instead of heading south because a storm front was moving in. Since our posh moorage didn’t agree with our not as posh budget, we headed over to an anchorage and set out two anchors with chain in series and checked the weather on the Internet to see that this storm is now moved to potentially a category 5.
So, now we say our prayers and write our blogs and read our book and wait for this weather to pass and look forward to the next 3 weeks with nothing but sun in the forecast.

Picture Prompt by Jake

“How are you all today” said Evan to start off his “What he did this summer” presentation. “Good, great, this sucks” said his classmates. “Well, this summer I discovered a new dimension”. His whole class started laughing. The teacher made them stop but their giggles continued throughout the presentation. “As you all know I am an inventor and have been working on the same invention you all refer to as the “NerdyNu” for years and I have finally completed it”. “In case any of you didn’t know, it is a suitcase that leads to a different demension”. He opened up his suitcase to show them and he realized there was nothing there. He screamed accidentally so his teacher excused him. “Evan, principals office”, she said. He left the class and stayed at the principals office till lunch. At the end of the day he went home to fix his invention and figured out the problem was the staircase producer inducer. Once he fixed it he opened it up to see if the staircase was there and sure enough it was so he walked down the stairs to the other dimension and it was a different dimension than before. He was confused but he eventually found that the new producer inducer makes it so you can change the demension that you go to. Cool. So he took it to school again the next day and it worked. Everybody was amazed and the teacher took a picture for the newspaper so now the whole town knew and he was famous. The Nerd is now a millionare thanks to his smart brain and genius inventions. He kept selling them from his new company. He stuck with the same name, “NerdyNu”©.tmp_29239-received_1332977103403730-1790280532

Picture Prompt by Sarah

Hi, my name is Joy and this is the story of my life with Chum.
“Joy, put the dog down! Bob, get your daughter out of the dog kennel.” Said Amanda, my mom. She’s my best friend, next to dogs! Bob is my dad and he can’t stand how cute I am next to this new born lab! “I’m sorry Mr. Kendar but we can’t afford this… this… creature.” said Amanda. “Hhhhhhuuuuuuuuuu! Did you call my beautiful femail long tail golden laborador A CREATURE!!!!!! get out.” I no longer liked my mom she was banned from the best place on the planet, the dog shelter! A little tear ran down my cheek. Once my mom was seeing eye to eye with me again we moved to a little spot near a well and we lived next to four houses. One was a couple with a son named Willy and he was two hours younger than me. Another house was occupied by a really loud person who owns a dog ( I can tell by the barking.) but I don’t know her and I don’t know why all we can hear from her is things breaking and a dog barking! I haven’t even seen her! Everyone else was kidless and there were zero vacant houses and everyone owned a garden. We were all pretty much one big family. Roughly six years later I still lived in the same small house I lived in when I was ten and today is my birthday! Willy and I went swimming in the pond wile the grown-ups talked about the new house they where building for Willy and I, when we get married and move out, and suddenly everyone stops talking. The woman with the dog walked out of her house and came to see what we were all doing. HE WAS AWESOME! I loved him! (The dog, the lady was fine.) The lady said her name was Molly. She noticed my temporary tattoo of a dog and asked if I wanted the dog and I screamed yes! I now have a dog named Chum. Willy and I moved in the new house four years later. We wanted to go diving but the pond was to shallow and halloween was tomorow so instead I bought a costume for chum. “This is beter than diving” said Willy.picture