The Crew


Capt’n Darius, First Mate Diana, Conn. Officer Jake & Deck-Hand Sarah!

 So what is this “Habi-Hoba!” all about?!

Just to catch you up to speed, “Habi-Hoba!” were some of our son Jake’s first words. My wife, Diana, would go to work each day & on her way out the door she would say “Have a great day!” Jake would throw a hand in the air and as a matter of factly shout out “Habi-Hoba!”.  Throughout the years, we questioned him to what exactly it was that he meant by that and he couldn’t tell us. It eventually turned into “Have a day!” (Good-bad or indifferent)… Just “Have a day!” So we’ve named our vessel “Habi-Hoba!” and have adopted “Habi-Hoba!” as our ‘Care-free philosophy’.

Mission Statement: Experience God’s Creation through Love Life and Adventure!

We are a family sailboat charter company… while living aboard and restoring a 1964 Triangle 32′,

We have weighed anchor July 22nd, 2016 to sail on the Pacific Ocean, sharing ‘Love, Life and Adventure’.

Capt’n D.

Habi Hoba!

Our Sailboat 1964 Triangle 32′

4 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. An exceptional Crew, filled with passion, and love for life. The Skipper is an amazing selfless leader, uniquely shaping his culture and environment to contribute to healthier happy lives of all. Few can comfort even the newest greenhorns to feel safe and secure, as Captain Darius. His skill at handling my 78 year old Mom and 80+ companion, who were both literally afraid of water, was exceptional, beyond expectations, delivering an experience of a lifetime. The folks continue to marvel at how wonderful their experience was with Captain Darius. And if you get a chance to meet the First Mate, she’s even better!!!! An experience of a lifetime!! Gregg from Gig Harbor.

  2. Mr Jensen, I must thank you for your kind words and then ask “Will you read my eulogy when the time comes?”
    We have enjoyed your company on daysails and racing with “Wednesday Night Wind Seekers”.
    It was my pleasure to have your parents aboard for a cruise across the bay.
    With 20kt winds we found the right attitude for even the greenest of buccaneers.

    Cap’n D.

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