Picture Prompt by Sarah

Hi, my name is Joy and this is the story of my life with Chum.
“Joy, put the dog down! Bob, get your daughter out of the dog kennel.” Said Amanda, my mom. She’s my best friend, next to dogs! Bob is my dad and he can’t stand how cute I am next to this new born lab! “I’m sorry Mr. Kendar but we can’t afford this… this… creature.” said Amanda. “Hhhhhhuuuuuuuuuu! Did you call my beautiful femail long tail golden laborador A CREATURE!!!!!! get out.” I no longer liked my mom she was banned from the best place on the planet, the dog shelter! A little tear ran down my cheek. Once my mom was seeing eye to eye with me again we moved to a little spot near a well and we lived next to four houses. One was a couple with a son named Willy and he was two hours younger than me. Another house was occupied by a really loud person who owns a dog ( I can tell by the barking.) but I don’t know her and I don’t know why all we can hear from her is things breaking and a dog barking! I haven’t even seen her! Everyone else was kidless and there were zero vacant houses and everyone owned a garden. We were all pretty much one big family. Roughly six years later I still lived in the same small house I lived in when I was ten and today is my birthday! Willy and I went swimming in the pond wile the grown-ups talked about the new house they where building for Willy and I, when we get married and move out, and suddenly everyone stops talking. The woman with the dog walked out of her house and came to see what we were all doing. HE WAS AWESOME! I loved him! (The dog, the lady was fine.) The lady said her name was Molly. She noticed my temporary tattoo of a dog and asked if I wanted the dog and I screamed yes! I now have a dog named Chum. Willy and I moved in the new house four years later. We wanted to go diving but the pond was to shallow and halloween was tomorow so instead I bought a costume for chum. “This is beter than diving” said Willy.picture

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