Picture Prompt by Jake

“How are you all today” said Evan to start off his “What he did this summer” presentation. “Good, great, this sucks” said his classmates. “Well, this summer I discovered a new dimension”. His whole class started laughing. The teacher made them stop but their giggles continued throughout the presentation. “As you all know I am an inventor and have been working on the same invention you all refer to as the “NerdyNu” for years and I have finally completed it”. “In case any of you didn’t know, it is a suitcase that leads to a different demension”. He opened up his suitcase to show them and he realized there was nothing there. He screamed accidentally so his teacher excused him. “Evan, principals office”, she said. He left the class and stayed at the principals office till lunch. At the end of the day he went home to fix his invention and figured out the problem was the staircase producer inducer. Once he fixed it he opened it up to see if the staircase was there and sure enough it was so he walked down the stairs to the other dimension and it was a different dimension than before. He was confused but he eventually found that the new producer inducer makes it so you can change the demension that you go to. Cool. So he took it to school again the next day and it worked. Everybody was amazed and the teacher took a picture for the newspaper so now the whole town knew and he was famous. The Nerd is now a millionare thanks to his smart brain and genius inventions. He kept selling them from his new company. He stuck with the same name, “NerdyNu”©.tmp_29239-received_1332977103403730-1790280532

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