Sarah’s Writings

September 5, 2016

Hello everyone, I have a lot to talk about! After we left Westport, we headed to Garibaldi, Oregon. In Garibaldi we got fuel, Jake and I had some fun at the beach, and we did our laundry. When Jake and I went to the beach at low tide so it was muddy. We stuck our feet in and got super dirty. We also saw a crawdad and jake was stuck in the mud so we couldn’t run away so… …he threw it at me!. We spent four days in Garibaldi then left to go to Bandon, Oregon. It was fun sailing and we saw a ton of whales. We left right away in the morning and spent all day getting to Brookings, Oregon. The trip here to Brookings was rough and we broke our toilet. Here we pumped out our holding tank and we’re fixing the toilet, but everything else is doing fine an’ dandy! Well, I hope you enjoyed because that’s all for now folks.

Habi Hoba⚓ Sarah G Dayton

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