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20160904_1941571 Hey Guys, so we fixed the transmission and started our journey to San Diego and so far we’ve made it to Westport. We thought we would make it to San Diego in one trip but we were having trouble sailing and the wind died down. It took us two days in a row to get from Port Angeles to Westport. So we started the engine. When we were motoring, the boom broke where it connects to the mast. So we had to stop at Westport. Just before we got to the Marina we saw Sea Lions and a HUGE Orca Whale. My dad stiched it with metal eyes and rivets and JB Weld.

Westport is a very popular place to fish and there are a lot of charters there. We went to the gift shop and I bought a beanie and a baseball cap that has a hook on it and mesh in the back. Its very comfortable. We walked around the whole town, its not very big. We also went to the beach and watched all the waves crashing on the rock wall. I’ve had lots of fun.

After we left Garibaldi we set sail to Bandon and during that little trip we got to see some whales. It was crazy, they were all around us-(Orcas and Gray Whales). They got really close. It was Super Cool. We did a lot of experimenting, we used the jib and motor sailed, then just motored, then just sailed but eventually we dropped the sails and motored over night and docked at Bandon In the morning there wasn’t much to see and in the afternoon when we got close to Brookings, the waves started to get rough. I fell asleep but I was later informed that we docked and the Coast Guard yelled across the bay and asked for our documentation number and if my dad was Tim. Once that was all worked out. Sarah woke me up and I ate dinner and it is now the next day and we are in Brookings waiting for the bad weather to pass and then we will leave.

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